Swimming pool - Gainsborough Greens

Our clients in Gainsborough Greens had a small backyard but wanted a concrete pool that their young family could enjoy. The house was under construction at the time and they wanted to utilise an area near the family room. They wanted the pool to be a feature of the backyard and entertaining area.

We located the pool directly outside the family room windows, immediately adjacent to the house. The pool is constructed at patio level to allow for easy access from inside the house, as well as create a beautiful view of the pool from inside the home.

The pool is pebble finished in crisp blue, a mixture of blues, whites and greys that produces a beautiful light blue colour and has blue LED lighting for a spectacular night time effect.

The pool has all of our regular low maintenance features to ensure that it is easy to maintain and all of the filtration system has been neatly hidden away from view.


  • Small backyard. 
  • Tight access excavation, no problem.
  • Size 7 x 2.5. 
  • LED lighting for night time effect.
  • Filtration hidden neatly away.
  • Swimming pool fits neatly around side of house.
  • Maximise backyard space.