Pool HQ Concrete Swimming Pool Water Features.

Nothing creates a resort style ambience around your swimming pool like a water feature. An artful cascade of water draws the eye and soothes the spirit with its cool, tinkling sounds. Create the right water feature for your new concrete swimming pool and it can give you that crisp contemporary look that lifts the value of your property.

What’s your style?

The design should compliment the style of your swimming pool and home. Take the time to look over Pool HQ ideas gallery to identify which concrete swimming pool water features you like best and what works well with similar homes and pools to yours.

Whether your area is a big or small, a custom designed water feature can add a touch of tranquillity and glamour to any swimming pool. Your water feature should be in proportion to your pool, home and landscaped setting. A small design may look insignificant with a large swimming pool and home. In the same way, think carefully about a water feature too grand in scale if the setting is a small plunge pool.

Lighting can add an extra dimension to your water feature. Lighting and water features are the best of friends, from dancing coloured lights to subtle mood lighting.

Concrete swimming pool with water feature

Water features should retain their mystique and never reveal their inner workings. Your Pool HQ professional will know how to hide the pump and mechanics.

A range of different water features are available. You can have as many water blades as you like to create your desired effect. Water blades are available from 600mm to 2.8m wide and the pressure is easily adjusted by valves at the pump. Your Pool HQ professional has a wealth of experience and will be able to recommend the best focal point your outdoor living area.