Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Swimming Pool Construction.

How long will it take to build my new Pool HQ pool?

Anywhere from one month minimum up to a few months.  There are four main stages:

  • Designing the pool and submitting the plans to Council.
  • Digging the hole, and pouring the concrete shell.
  • Letting the concrete cure.
  • Finishing the interior and features, installing the filtration system.

Have a look at the process of a new concrete pool being constructed.

How long will it take you to get me a quote?

We can get you a quote within 48 hours of your call, and can be done over the phone or email.  This quote will be subject to a site inspection and an on-site chat about what you are after.

Who organises Council inspections?

Our certified Engineer will do all inspections, arranged and paid for by us.  This includes any parts of the project that you wish to do yourself, such as the pool fence.

What paperwork is involved?

We use the standard Master Builders Pool Construction contract, which allows both parties to ensure we build exactly what you are after.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes and Yes, Pool HQ is a fully Queensland Building and Construction Commission licensed pool builder, member of Master Builders Queensland and is fully insured. You will have the confidence in us to complete your new concrete swimming pool to the highest standard.

How do I check your past history and your building record?

Visit the Queensland Building Services Authority website’s On-line licence search page or  click on our QBCC licence number (1099268) to go directly to our registration summary.  Whilst you are there, click on  the “Create Licensee’s Full History” button to view our complete history.  We know you’ll be impressed!

What are the benefits of a concrete swimming pool?

Concrete is a durable, strong and permanent material that’s also cost-effective. In addition to these benefits, concrete also allows for ultimate freedom regarding size, shape and depth of your swimming pool, providing maximum versatility. As for the pool itself – installing a concrete swimming pool will add value to your home, as well as making neighbours and friends envious!

  • Flexibility with design: The one obvious benefit is that you can build a concrete swimming pool to match any shape or design you have dreamed of, and because concrete pools are made on-site, your Pool HQ representative can adjust your design exactly to suit your site.
  • Aesthetics: New concrete pools tend to look very appealing, and there are a range of interior finishes available from pebble to tile, depending on your preferences and budget.
  • Strong: It’s fair to say that concrete pools have been around a long time and that from a structural point of view they are reliable and strong.

What makes concrete swimming pools so strong?

Pool HQ only uses the best construction products, we offer a ten year warranty on all of our pools so we build them to last.

We use OneSteel Reinforcing’s 250S Grade 12 mm POOLSTEEL® reinforcing steel in all of our pools.

OneSteel Reinforcing’s 250S Grade 12 mm POOLSTEEL® is a ductile steel that is preferred by Pool HQ. Having a deformed profile enables a superior bond to be achieved with the concrete ensuring a quality result. Ground movement can exert extreme forces on the walls of a swimming pool. The strength and ductility of POOLSTEEL® enables these forces to be resisted while controlling cracking, thereby contributing to the longevity of the pool structure.

  • Provides maximum design flexibility
  • Specially developed for concrete pool construction
  • Independently certified by ACRS

What is the warranty on a Pool HQ concrete pool?

Pool HQ offers a ten year structural warranty on our pools. We also offer 100% satisfaction Guarantee, you can’t get better than that!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed