Pool HQ Concrete Swimming Pool Solar Heating.

Solar heating systems are a great eco-friendly way to keep your pool at the optimum temperature all year round. Solar heating is a cost effective, energy efficient way to easily warm your water by up to 8 degrees.

When you want to enjoy a swim in all seasons, temperature control is a must. Efficient solar pool heating is the process of using the sun’s free heat to circulate water through absorber matting on the roof of your house. Through the use of a digital controller you can set your desired temperature and our system will automatically switch on and off to maintain temperature.

We have partnered with experts, who will happily provide a free onsite quote with interest free options available.

Choose between heat pumps, solar pool heating and blankets. 

concrete pool solar heating


Heat Pumps

concrete pool heat pumps

Solar Pool Heating

concrete pool solar heating


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