Pumps and Filtration.

Healthy swimming pool water is water that's safe for your family and your concrete swimming pool. Pumps and filtration eliminate potentially harmful bacteria and protects your swimming pool and equipment against corrosion and scale build-up.

From heating to robotic vacuum cleaners, the array of technology options to perform similar functions can be overwhelming.

When you meet with your Pool HQ representative they will discuss the different options you have. We advise clients of our reasoning and brand choice behind each recommendation as it can get a little confusing for new pool buyers.

We use and recommend Australian made pumps and filtration, that is backed up by great warranty coverage and local servicing it's the simple choice.ย 

Concrete Swimming Pool Pumps and Filtration
Variable Speed Pumps


  • High Performance Pumps.
  • Fully variable 3 speed pumps.
  • Digital RPM display interface.
  • 1.25HP and 1.75HP variable speed motors.
  • Ultra quiet, low noise operation.
  • Up to 8 star energy rating.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Made in Australia.


  • Superior flow rate
  • Commercial performance
  • Reliable multi port valve
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • 10 year tank warranty
  • 2 year MPV warranty
cartridge filter

Cartridge Filters

  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • High grade polyester filter media
  • Super fine filtration
  • Compact and light weight
  • Multiple plumbing options
  • 5 year warranty
  • UV resistant


  • Proven reliability
  • Micro processor controled
  • Battery backup time clock
  • salt and mineral compatible
  • Australian made
  • 3 year full warranty
Swimming Pool Hope Island Filtration Cartridge Filter
Swimming Pool Upper Coomera Filtration