Tiled interior pool finishes are certainly regarded as the premium interior finish for concrete swimming pools. 

They look fantastic, are easy to maintain and are gentle on your feet due to their silky smoothness. Tiled interior pool finishes are extremely durable as well as offering almost limitless design choices and by choices we mean 1000's of choices are available.

Most porcelain tiles have a hard wearing surface that doesn't absorb dirt and would be hard wearing. Pool HQ only use specific "pool safe" tiles that has been specifically designed for permanent submersion and chemical resistance. The tiles can be used to fully tile a pool interior, waterline tile bands or to highlight steps / step edges.

The majority of concrete swimming pools are fully tiled in either porcelain or glass mosaics. Glass mosaics are typically more expensive due to a higher tile cost and higher labour costs to install, however they offer a larger range with more varieties of finishes. Both porcelain and glass tiles are of a similar quality and durability.

Tiled interior pool finishes effect the water colour you see due to the tile colour plus reflections of the sky, surrounds and waterline colours. With fully tiled pools, the final water colour will be slightly darker and bluer than the actual tile. We can provide assistance to help you achieve your desired water colour.

This is just a small sample of the tiles available, however, our suppliers have a mobile showroom and they come to you with a full range of samples to make your tile selection. You can also have the option of selecting your tiles from any supplier of your choice.

Mosaic Tiled Concrete Swimming Pools - Multi Blue
Mosaic Tiled Concrete Swimming Pools - Black
Mosaic Tiled Concrete Swimming Pools - Blue