Pool HQ Quartzon Smooth Interior Pool Finishes.

Quartzon is a unique pool interior finish that provides stunning colour and smoothness.

If it's colour you're looking for, Quartzon interior pool finishes have it. With seven exquisite colours to choose from, Quartzon produces a gorgeous, shimmering pool with a surface that is gentle on feet.

With the addition of StarFleck, a Quartzon will sparkle and glitter in the light. Experience the beauty, durability and intensity of colour that makes Quartzon interior pool finishes so special.

Choose Quartzon for a durable finish and vibrant, long lasting colour. Only Quartzon can offer stunning visual appeal and a silky smooth feel.

Our advanced high density mix is a special blend of fade resistant, iron oxide pigments, special sands, pure white portland cement and premium ceramically fired coloured aggregates. This ensures a smooth-to-the-touch, fade resistant colour with unbelievable radiance.

Create a gorgeous pool sanctuary with a Quartzon interior pool finish colour. We have a designer collection of seven to select from. Each of our stunning colours has been designed to transform your pool into the welcoming haven you’ve always dreamt of.

In addition to enhancing the shimmer of your pool water and intensifying its blues, the Quartzon colour range is designed to complement surrounding landscaping and features.

This versatile selection is in its element, whether sparkling in bright sunlight, gently shimmering in the soft glow of evening lights or rippling in the moonlight.

Quartzon interior pool finishes

White Beach

Ice Blue

Royal Blue


Sky Bay


Pacific Star