Pool HQ Glass Pebble Interior Pool Finishes.

Shimmer and radiance, there is no equal to the sophistication and elegance that glass pebble interior pool finishes offers. Its shimmer will bring your Pool HQ concrete swimming pool’s inner beauty to the surface with a glow that will be a constant reminder of how quality and beauty make perfect partners.

Glass pebble infused finishes reflects the glimmer of the sun which results in an ever changing lustrous patina that enriches the splendour of your home.

Designed for your enjoyment, glass pebble infused concrete swimming pool finishes offer low maintenance silky smooth texture and is gentle underfoot while providing slip resistance and safety.

Please note that due to computer variations, the colour of the water in the pools depicted may be different to the end result. Sunlight and pool surrounds also influence colour appearance. As a result, please regard these images as a guide to pool water colour rather than an accurate representation. We know you will love your colour regardless!

Glass Pebble Interior Pool Finishes




Fijian Seas


Tropical Oasis

Glacial Blue



Kirra Blue