Pool HQ offers you many interior finishes to choose from when you build your new concrete swimming pool.

This can be one of the hardest decisions to make for your pool, and the end result will also depend on specific site situations and the swimming pool’s position. Pool HQ as one of the Gold Coast's leading concrete swimming pool builders have experience with various interior finishes and here are the three that we recommend you choose from.

Smooth Pebble – Clean, Crisp And Bright. This finish is a natural looking, white cement base with brilliant flecks of coloured stone that add sparkle and vibrancy to pool interiors. Silky smooth and gentle on feet, sensible as well as gorgeous. No need to go to the expense of tiles! The white background enhances pool colour to produce a crisp, inviting interior finish.

Glass Pebble – This is also a pebble-based product but has a wide selection of glass beads that can be introduced to create a point of difference to your pool’s interior finish. Designed for your enjoyment, a glass infused pool finish offers a low maintenance silky smooth texture which is gentle underfoot while providing slip resistance and safety.

Tiled – If you’ve been in a fully tiled pool before you would have marvelled at the smooth feel. Using tile also means you can achieve any colour you desire. This makes it one of the most popular options for swimming pool interiors.


Concrete Pool Interior Finishes

Smooth Pebble

Glass Pebble