Pool HQ the Gold Coasts Premier Concrete Pool Builder Additional Features.

Have a dream concrete swimming pool in mind? What makes it unique? Perhaps itโ€™s an indoor pool!

Include fun and interactive additional features like infinity pool edges, glass windows and beach entries. Additional swimming pool features not only make yourย concrete pool uniquely distinctive but are sure to impress visitors.

Add additional decorative features like waterfalls, coloured lighting and mosaics to create mood, ambience and a truly breath-taking first impression in your own home, here at Pool HQ we pride ourselves for being the Gold Coast premier concrete pool builder that turns your dreams a reality.

Flexibility is one of the advantages when it comes to building a concrete swimming pool. We have a huge range of different features can be added to create a unique design to suit your individual needs.

Water Features


Pool Edging


Solar Heating

Interior Finishes

Pumps & Filtration